financial fi‧nan‧cial [fˈnænʆl, faɪ-] adjective FINANCE
related to or involving finance or money:

• The law barsfinancial transactions between American corporations and countries accused of supporting terrorism

• Hong Kong's financial system

— see also financials

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financial UK US /faɪˈnænʃəl/ adjective [usually before noun]
relating to money or the way money is managed: financial stability/security/strength »

Independent agencies perform rigorous analysis in order to assign financial strength ratings to America's leading corporations.

financial advisor/planner/analyst »

She is a licensed financial advisor.

financial statements/accounts/report »

A certified financial statement from an auditor must be filed with the annual report.

financial problems/issues/difficulties »

Unable to overcome their financial difficulties, the company declared bankruptcy last year.

with the purpose or aim of making a profit, rather than for any other reason: a financial buyer/investor »

This division, the most profitable in the group, is likely to appeal to a financial buyer.


Some of these companies have a financial interest in the pending legislation.


Our interest in the company is financial rather than strategic.

See also FINANCIALLY(Cf. ↑financially), FINANCIALS(Cf. ↑financials)

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